Dr. Pracher’s Art Service

Dr. Martin Pracher, photo: Hojabr Riahi

Dr. Martin Pracher is a German art and antiques appraiser with 20 years of professional experience. He is a publicly appointed and sworn expert witness and a lecturer for Preventive Conservation and Technical Art History at a German university.

The B+P COLLECTION was a consequence of his wife’s and his personal interest and professional research on unrecognized and unidentified German artists of the 20th century.

Dr. Martin Pracher is a renowned scholar and speaker with a record of national and international publications and lectures on art appraisal, authenticity, art forgery and on the important correlation between the value and the condition of an artwork.

He offers his art service worldwide.

For requests on appraisals, research and identification of artists, change in condition and value, please contact Dr. Pracher directly via email: pracher@kunst-gutachter.de.

For further information, please visit his official business homepage: www.kunst-gutachter.de.


How much is my art worth?

Dr. Martin Pracher offers substantiated appraisals for private and public art collections, for court and insurance cases, for inheritance, sale and acquisition.

Identification and research

Who is the artist/author of my artwork?

Dr. Martin Pracher will identify unknown artists and provide artist research.

Authenticity and forgery detection

Is my artwork authentic or fake?

Dr. Martin Pracher will check the authenticity of an artwork and will debunk forgeries.

Condition and value

How much less is my art worth after damage and conservation?

Dr. Martin Pracher is a specialist on the correlation between the condition of an artwork and the change of its value. He will provide comprehensible fact based calculation of the diminution of value after a damage.