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The Bottler+Pracher Art Collection welcomes the technical and aesthecial novelties of NFT based Cryptoart. Besides the interest in the artistic approach, Dr. Martin Pracher explores the market mechanisms and proposed value-determining factors of NFT based Cryptoartworks. Link to his thoughts about Cryptoart-Valuation (

Selected Cryptoartworks of the B+P Art Collection

Thiiird Channel, „Geisha Goddess ℕꙩ.6“, August 2022, X/8, png, Tez. blockchain.


Selected Showrooms

Early minted Cryptoart on Dogecoin (DOGE) network.

SHOWROOM: GAN Cabinet 1, oncyber virtual showroom.

SHOWROOM: GAN Cabinet 2, oncyber virtual showroom.

SHOWROOM: Whitespace, Cyberloft, oncyber virtual showroom.


SHOWROOM: Cryptoart, early collected works at the oncyber virtual showroom.

SHOWROOM: Cryptoart, selected works at the oncyber virtual showroom.

SHOWROOM: Visual Poetry, selected works at the oncyber virtual showroom

A walk through an exhibition room of the b+p crypto art collection in the Metaversum (as of July 2022).

Indi0r0b0t, „019- Torombolo“, 2022, X/13, png. „Buy a used Torombolo they said, you won’t need to herd your sheep and goats anymore. Wha a letdown! He always wonders off at night, usually when it rains or snows. I spend more time looking for him than if i continued to look after my animals. I should have gotten a new one, and not a used Byzantine import. He is kind of cute but not recommended.“ -Bruce Bruno, Shepherd