NFT Artworks, Cryptoart

The B+P Collection welcomes the technical and aesthecial novelties of NFT based Cryptoart. Besides the interest in the artistic approach, Dr. Martin Pracher explores the market mechanisms and developed value-determining factors of NFT based Cryptoartworks. Link to his thoughts about Cryptoart-Valuation (

Incognito, „QueenCancelPsychedelic, what is passed the veil“, 2021

Emiliano Enriquez (Arentina), „Bubblehead“, 2021, X/28

Inkognito, ZorroMosh! Trash .Gif #03

Incognito, „ZorroMosh! Trash .Gif #05“, 2021

Inkognito, „07/12/2021 TRASH($TRSH) DAY“, 2021

Inkognito, „Talking trash“, 2021