Werner Aerni (1907-1992)
„Portrait of a girl“, 1948, pastelle (Crayon) on paper layed down on board

Georges Aufray (1864-1941)
„Femme à la fleur rouge“, ca. 1900, oil color on canvas

Eduard Aigner (1903-1978)
„Blondes Maedchen” (Blond girl), 1932, painting on canvas

Christian Arnold (1889-1960)
“Genesender Junge” (Recovering Boy), 1921, aquarelle on paper
“Madonna”, 1920s, red chalk on paper
„Lesende“ (Reading woman), 1926, Nr. 8/20, woodcut on paper

Fritz Bach (1890-?)
„Portrait“, 1910s, painting on canvas

Tina Bauer-Pezellen (1897-1979)
„Junge“ (Boy), 1920s, leadpencil on paper

Walter Becker (1893-1984)
„Schulkinder“ (Schoolchildren), 1919, drawing on paper

Egbert Bruckner (1912-1961(?))
„Composition“, 1951, aquarelle and ink on paper

Franz Delling (active in Munich ca. 1950)
„Ophelia“, 1950, oil color on canvas

Josef Eberz (1880-1942)
“Flucht nach Ägypten” (Escape to Egypt), 1920, etching

Elies, Heinz (1889-1962)
„Die rote Bruecke“ (The red bridge), 1925, oilcolour on board

Michel Fingesten (1884- 1943)
„Trinker“ (Drinker), 1919, etching

Ernst Maria Fischer (1907-1937)
„Leiden“ (Suffering), 1938(?), watercolour and pencil on paper
„Portrait of a man“, 1938(?), pencil om paper.

Karl Freund ( Bretten 1892 – 1981 Pforzheim)
„Landscape“, 1926, painting on canvas
„Portrait eines Jungen“ (Portrait of a boy), 1920ies, red chalk on paper

Hans Frey (1880-1982)
„Portrait of a girl“, 1934, painting on panel

Helmut Gaissbauer (1924-1992)
„Large Abstraction“, 1952, colour woodcut on felt

Helmut Gebhard (1926-1989)
“Südliche Landschaft” (Southern Landscape), 1950s, painting on canvas

Willi Geiger (1978-1971)
„Herrenbildnis“, 1932, oilpainting on canvas
“Picador”, 1910s, etching

Eric Godal (1899-1969)
“Revue girl”, 1920s, colorpencil on paper
„Nude“, late 1950s, ink and aquarelle on paper

HAP Grieshaber (1909-1981)
„Paar“ (Couple), 1981, plaster relief

Kurt Günther (1893-1955)
„Die Apokalypse“ (The apocalypse), 1921, pencil on paper

Ralf Gutbrodt (1973- 1995)
„Das Licht“ (The light), 1995, painting on board

Well Habicht (1884-1966)
„Bunter Scherenschnitt“ (coloured Scissorcut), 1918, green paper on blue paper

Alfred Hanf (1890-1974)
„Prinz Myschkin erzählt vom Schafott“ (Illustration to Dostojewskis „The Idiot“ (1868/69)), 1924, drawing on paper
„Extase“, late 1910s, drawing on paper
“Portraitstudies”, 1900s, drawing on paper
„Nude“, 1910s, drawing on paper

Grete Hart (1885-1971)
„Morgen im kroatischen Bergdorf“, 1910s, oilcolour on board

Vincent Harth (1968-)
„Die Seherin“ (The seer), 1996, lifesize polychrome wooden sculpture

Franz Hartmann (1907-1989)
„Sketch“, 1930s, leadpencil on paper

Herbert Henschel (1914-2007)
„Friedhof“, 1951, mixed media on masonite

Joseph (Jupp) Hosp (1908-1984)
„Portrait of a girl“, charcoal on paper
„Sitting girl“, pencil on paper
„Persuasion“, pencil on paper

Charles Hug (1899-1976)
„Miss Payne vom Nelson-Theater“, 1926, lithography on paper after a drawing fom 1925

Jean Baptist Hermann Hundt (1894-1974)
„Portrait“, 1926, crayon on paper

Willi Robert Huth (1890-1970)
„Ernest Stahl- Nachbauer und Marité Matthis“, 1921, ink on paper
„Mensch in der Natur“ (Man in nature), late 1910s, charcoal and aquarelle on paper

Anton Kaiser (1899-1976)
„Der Blumenstrauß“ (The flowerbouquet), late 1940s, painting on panel

Willy Kirch (1892-1943)
„Dom und Severi Kirche Erfurt“ (Dome and Severi church Erfurt), 1920, aquarelle on paper

Alfons Knapp (1883- 1930)
„View on the church St. Martin in Biberach“, 1922, oil on paper on canvas

Margarete Kubicka (1891-1984)
“Mensch in der Stadt” (Man in the city), 1913, painting on board

Erika Maria Kuenzig (1899-??)
„Madonna with the deers“, 1919, lithography on paper

Jörg Lang (1973-)
„Portrait M. Pracher”, 1995, aquarelle on paper “Der Tropfen“ (The drop), 1995, sculpture, paper and wood “Portrait M. Pracher”, 1995, b/w painting on cartonage „Großes Portrait M. Pracher”, 1995, painting on canvas “Der Suchende” (The searcher), 1994, painting on canvas “Faun“, 1994, gelatine in acrylic resin “Kleiner Blaukopf” (Small blue head), 1994, waxcrayon on paper “Im Schutz” (Under protection), 1993, Mixed media on board “Das Kopfmanifest“ (The head manifesto), 1991, drawing on paper “Der Riesenzwerg” (The giant dwarf), 1990, acrylics on packingpaper

Otto Lange (1879-1944)
„Christuskopf“ (Head of Christ), 1916, coloured woodcut on paper
„Maedchenbildnis“ (Portrait of a girl), ca. 1933, Aquarelle on paper

Kurt Lauber (1893-1971)
„Portrait eines Mannes“ (Portrait of a man), 1920s, charcoal on paper

Curd Lessig (1924-)
“St. Martin”, 1970, gouache on paper
„Alandsgrund“, 1986, aquarelle on paper

Josef Friedrich Limmer (1892-1967), Muenchen, Reitmorstr. 52, II)
„Angst“, oilcolour on canvas, 1930s
„Maria“, woodcut on paper, 1920s
„MA-ATE“, aquarelle on paper, 1945

Markus Lüpertz (1941-)
„Palette“, 1990s, colours on metal support, various artists material

Thilo Maatsch (1900-1983)
“Komposition”, 1920s, collage on paper

Frans Masereel (1889-1972)
„Le jeune Penseur“, 1951, woodcut on paper

Marbie (XX)
«La Garçonne», 1926, painting on canvas

Moriz Melzer (1877-1966)
„Bluetentanz“ (Blossom dance), 1912, monotype with oilclour on paper, 33×48 cm

Monogrammist „KW“
„Die Wüste“, 1932, ink and watercolor on paper
„Wintersonne“, 1929, watercolor on paper

Monogrammist „MS“
„Familie“ (Family), 1921, terracotta

Hanns Mueller (1901-1999)
“Akt” (Nude), 1950s, mixed media on board

Hanna Nagel (1907-1975)
„Girl with a twig“, 1940s, aquarelle on paper

Hans Niehuus (XX)
“Die Harlekinin” (The Harlekin girl), early 1930s, aquarelle on paper
“Mother and child”, 1932, painting on canvas

Abraham Neumann (1873-1942)
„Maison bord de mer“, 1899, painting on board.

Antonin Prochazka (1882-1945)
“Kniender Akt mit Krug” (Crouching figure wit an Ewer), 1920s, plaster with green formulation

Rudolf August Ludwig Plaueln (1910- 1971)
„The good Samaritan“, 1942, oil on board.

Max Radler (1904- 1971)
„Auch ein Totentanz“ (Danse macabre), ink on paper, 1940-1941.

Hans Reichel (1892-1958)
o.T. (Landscape), crayon on paper, early 1920ies

Gottfried Richter (1904-1968)
„Pariser Vorstadt“ (Suburbs of Paris), around 1925, ink and crayon on paper

Robert Richter (1860-1941)
„Nude in nature“, 1913 (?), etching on vat paper

Thomas Ring (1892- 1983)
„Without title“ undated, Ink and white on paper
„Woman on balkony“, 1946, ink on paper

Carl Ritz (1899-1952)
“Farmer”, early 1930s, ink on paper

Karl Peter Röhl (1890-1975)
„Akt in der Landschaft“ (nude in ladscape), 1917, blue crayon on paper

Christian Schad (1894-1982)
„Liebende Knaben“, lithograph on paper, 1972

Josef Scharl (1896-1954)
„Kosmische Bahnen (Star System)“, 1953, painting on canvas

Margarete Scheel (1981- 1969)
„Mutter und Kind“ (Mother and child), 1930s, carving oak wood

Joachim Schlotterbeck (1926-2007)
„Blumen“ (Flowers), 1992, oil and aquarelle on metal plate


Otto Schubert (1892-1970)
„Familie (o.T.)“ (Family), 1910s, drypoint on paper, Nr. 35 form the Graphic compendium II with 36 single prints
„Samson“, 1918, ink and watercolor on paper

Wilhelm Schuler (1875-?)
„Der Selbstmörder“, 1918, blue crayon and lead pencil on paper

Reiner Schwarz (1940-)
„Ne tirez pas sur le monstre!“, 1966, colour lithograpy on paper, Nr. 86/100

Hermann Schweizer (1910- 1998)
„Die Taenzerin Chinita Ullman“ (The dancer Chinita Ullman), 1930, pastelle (crayon) on blue paper

Otto Schwertl (XX) “Genkreuzung” (Genetic crossbreeding), 1988, polychrome wooden installation

Alexander von Soldenhoff (1882-1954)
„Halbakt (Adrienne)“ (Nude (Adrienne)), 1926, drawing on paper

Erich Spinti (1909-1942)
„Industrielandschaft“, 1936, painting on canvas

Toni Stadler (1888-1892)
„Akt“, 1955, ink on paper

Hanns Stoll (1889-1949)
„Troestung“, 1910s, Ink and white on paper
„after Mark. 13, 24“, 1910s, ink and charcoal on paper

Heinrich Stegemann (1888-1945)
„Portrait of a man“, 1920, leadpencil on paper

Lajos Szélènyi (1944-)
“Landschaft/ Akt” (Landscape/ Nude), 1970, painting on board

Georg Tappert attr. (1880-1957)
“Portrait of a woman“, 1917-18, ink on paper

Hiroshi Teshima (*1948)
„Konstruktion M5“, 1979, acrylic resin on canvas

Unknown Artists

Eberhard Viegener (1890-1967)
„Stilleben mit Tulpen“ (Stilllife with tulips), late 1920s, oilpainting on canvas

Karl F.E. Weisgärber (1927)
„Das Robotermuseum“ (The Robot Museum), around 1960, gouache on paper
„Mondlandung“ (Moonlanding), around 1960, gouache on paper

Adolf Wiesner (1871-1942)
„Nude“, 1900s, colour pencil on paper

Fritz Wiegmann (1902-1973)
„Cubist still life“, 1928, oilcolour on canvas

Rudolf Wernicke (1898- 1963)
“Portrait eines Mannes” (Portrait of a man), 1943, oilpainting on canvas

Gert Heinrich Wollheim (1894-1974)
„Fräulein Sauermann, die sieggewohnte Deutsche Meisterin im Jagdspringen“ (Mrs. Sauermann, the victorious German Master of horsejumping), 1926, drawing on paper

Alfons Woelfle (1884- 1951)
„Akt“ (Nude), around 1920, drawing on paper

Artur Zahn (1886- 1970)
„Madonna mit den Rehen“ (Madonna with the deers),1918-1920, oil on canvas

Herbert Zangs (1924-2003)
„Faltung“, 1955, paper and white on board
„Knotung“, 1979, textile and wire in a wooden drawer

Magnus Zeller (1888-1972)
„Tischrücken“, 1924, drypoint on paper
„Gekreuzigter“, 1922, drypoint on paper

Werner P. Zibaso (1910-1983)
„Perversität“, 1928, ink on paper