Anton Kaiser, 1940er Jahre

ANTON MARTIN KAISER (German 1899-1976)
„Der Blumenstrauß (Serie KZ Bilder)“ – The flowerbouquet (from the series of KZ-pictures)
Erfurt, late 1940ies, ca. 140cm X 40cm, Oil on board, bought in 1999 from the artists estate in Erfurt.
Kaiser was born in Forchheim in 1899. In 1919 he started his artistic training and became an interior designer in Erfurt. Besides that, he painted sociocritical subjects, interiors and landscapes in an expressive manner. He was member of the “Deutscher Werkbund“ and was probably associated with the „Erfurter Kunstgewerbeschule“ Directly after WWII, Kaiser started a series of intense drawings and paintings picturing the the KZ horror.
The present picture on the left is part of this series.

Anton Kaiser auf einem Kostümfest der Erfurter Kunstgewerbeschule, Feb. 1928.