LAJOS SZELéNYI (Hungary / Swedish, *1944)
“Landschaft/ Akt” (Landscape/ Nude), 1970
Painting on board.

The artist reported, that the present painting was lost when he had to leave his belongings behind when emigrating to Sweden in 1979.
The composition began as a vertical nude and later was transformed to a horizontal landscape. The original title is „A fehér sáv“ which means „The White Space“.

Lajos Szelényi was born in 1944 in Kulpin, Hungary.
He studied Cello at the College of Music and of Arts in Pécs and Cultural and Librarian Studies in Budapest.
In 1979 he emigrated to Sweden.
Regarding his artworks he states:
„Beauty and truth are the most important concepts in my creation ,
I seek no popularity in my work. The most important aspect of my work is my use of eternal
symbols and my trying to give every single work of art it“s own identity.

Szelényi lives and works in Sweden.