CHRISTIAN ARNOLD (German 1889- 1960)
„Lesende“ (Reading Woman), 1926, Nr. 8/20

36cm X 42cm. Woodcut on paper. Signed and numbered: „Lesende 8/10“ and „O.H.H CA“.

The „reading woman“ is the artist“s wife and favorite model. Even though suffering from severe healthproblems,
1926 marks as the most productive year of Christian Arnold. He is at his artistic height. In comparison to the Aquarelle
„Recovering Boy“ (section: History), his style now is more mature and dense. Expressionism is already conquered.

Christian Arnold was born in 1889 in Fuerth. During WWI
he served as soldier and was injured. As painter he worked as technical designer and autodidactic as artist from 1917 on.
Arnold joined the „Künstlerbund Bremen“ and the „Vereinigung für junge Kunst“ During the Nazi regime
he was expelled from the „Künstlerbund Bremen“ and received an exhibition ban. He remained in inner emigration.
He was arrested twice through the Gestapo for refusing the Hitler salute and for anti-nationalist statements-
which was considered high treason. About 1/3 of his oeuvre was destroyed in an 1944 bombing. After the war he
continued to work as painter but suffered from severe health problems.
Arnold died in 1960 in Bremen.

Source: Jessewitch, Rolf and Schneider, Gerhard (Hrsg.): Entdeckte Moderne, Boenen/Westfalen, 2008.