Fritz Wiegmann

Fritz Wiegmann (German, 1902-1973)

„Stilleben mit Krug und Muschel“, 1928, Öl auf Leinwand, 55 cm x 45,5 cm.

In the Fritz Wiegmann Archive in Frankfurt is a photo of another cubist still life showing partly a similar composition.

Photo album of Wiegmann from 1928. Wiegmann Archive Frankfurt.

Wiegmann was born 1902 in Minden. While still being a student, he moved to Berlin.  He became an art teacher in Berlin, after the war in Wunsiedel  and in Frankfurt/Main. He was friend with the kubist Rudolf Ausleger who worked similar in the 1930ies. He participated in national and international exhibitions in New York; Palma de Mallorca and Peking. During the 3rd Reich, Wiegman left Germany and travelled to France, Italy, Spain and China.

Source an further information: Blog of Detlev von Graeve