Fritz Wiegmann 1925

Fritz Wiegmann (German, 1902-1973)
„Stillleben mit Glas und Petroleumlampe“, 1925, Öl auf Leiwand.

Wiegmann was born 1902 in Minden. While still being a student, he moved to Berlin and later on became an art teacher, after the war in Wunsiedel  and in Frankfurt/Main. He was friend with the cubist Rudolf Ausleger, who worked similar in the 1930ies. Wiegmann participated in national and international exhibitions in New York, Palma de Mallorca and Peking. During the Nazi regime, he left Germany and travelled to France, Italy, Spain and China.

Source and further information: Blog of Detlev von Graeve

A photo of 1928 of the young Fritz Wiegmann in front of his self portrait. A similar glass is seen in front of the painting.