Kurt Guenther

KURT GUENTHER (German, 1893- 1955)
„Die Apokalypse“ (The apocalypse), 1921

Leadpencil on paper
Günther was a fellow student of Otto Dix and Otto Griebel at the „Kunstgewerbeschule Dresden“ 1913 and 1914.
After serving WWI, he returned to Dresden to study at the art academy.
Like Dix and Griebel, he was member of the Dresden DADA group.
In 1933-34 his house was searched several times by the Gestapo. Guenther was imprisoned and his work was declared degenerate.
11 works of his were conficated.
After the war, he worked as schoolteacher and was appointed Professor.
The drawing above was created while Günther was staying in Bad Reichenhall.
Little is known of his time there.
Religious topics are found mostly in woodcuts for example from 1919 „Banishement from Paradise“, „Crucifiction“ and „Madonna“.